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W. Entler, L. Garzotti, G. Kamelander, B. Pégourié, G. Sdouz, G. Weimann:
"Pellet Ablation Studies for Fusion Plasmas by means of a 2D-Code";
Vortrag: 30th EPS Conference on Contr. Fusion and Plasma Physics, St. Petersburg; 07.07.2003 - 11.07.2003; in: "30th EPS Conference on Contr. Fusion and Plasma Physics", (2003), Vol. 27A; S. 3 - 153.

Pellet injection is a promising technique for fuelling as well as density control of next generation tokamaks with high power amplification. It has been demonstrated in present day experiments that the required fuelling effectivity and penetration depth can be reached with realistic velocities if launching takes place form the high field side (HFS). This effect is based on the ExB dirft and arises form the polarization of the ablatant cloud moving along the curved magnetic field. It has been modeled in the pellet code PELDEP [1]. The model of that code includes also the effect of plasma cooling due to the drift of the ablatant in front of the PELDEP2D code [2] based essentially on the physical model of PELDEP but upgraded by options for off-axial shots.

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