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B Klingseisen, G. Heiss, M. Jung, M. Schönerklee, G. Dünnebeil, D. Havlik, H. Humer, U. Gigler:
"WATERMARK - A Multidisciplinary Research Initiative for the EU Water Framework Directive";
Vortrag: 7th International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2006, Nice France; 2006; in: "7th International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2006 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2006", Research Publishing Services, Volume 1 Chennai, India (2006), 81-903170-1-6 (all 4 Volumes); 81-903170-2-4 (Volu; S. 56 - 63.

WATERMARK is a multi-disciplinary research initiative at the Austrian Research Centers which aims at developing intelligent knowledge-based services and solutions in order to support the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive. One of the basic requirements for realising the requested integrated water management approach is to develop advanced information and data management tools. By means of defined use cases of ground water management a system of data warehouses, modelling components and information retrieval interfaces was developed under consideration of current standards. The first stage of implementation is a web-based decision support tool for tracing ground water pollutants and exploring new groundwater resources and the influence of different ground water management scenarios on the environment.

Hydroinformatics, GIS, Watermark, Webservices, Webgis, Grundwassermodellierung, Wasserrahmenrichtline, Hydroinformatics, GIS, Watermark, Webservices, Webgis, Groundwater Modelling, Water Framework Directive

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