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I. Bajla, I. Holländer, G. Gmeiner, Ch. Reichel:
"Analysis of EPO Images after Isoelectric Focusing and Double Blotting";
Vortrag: Second International Conference Biomedical Engineering, Innsbruck; 16.02.2004 - 18.02.2004; in: "Second International Conference Biomedical Engineering", ACTA Press, Canada (2004), ISBN: 0-88986-379-2; S. 228 - 233.

A software system GASEPO1 has been developed as a tool to visualize and alalyze doping with recombinant erythropoietin (EPO). Digital images derived from the separation EPO isoforms by isoelectric focusing (IEF) followed by double blotting and chemiluminescence detection are automatically analysed and evaluated. In the GASEPO1 a novel know-how for image processing and analysis is imlemented. In particular, a novel method of cut-off-line calculation has been developed and tested.

bioinformatics, doping control, EPO detection, electrotropheretic gel image analysis

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