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"The Austrian Carbon Balance Model (ACBM)";
Vortrag: 18 th international Conference of the System Dynamics Society, Bergen, Norway; 06.08.2000 - 10.08.2000; in: "18 th international Conference of the System Dynamics Society", (2000), ISBN: 0-9672914-2-9; S. 19.

The Austrian Carbon Balance Model (ACBM) aims to a comprehensive description and analysis of all carbon stocks and flows within the federal area of Austria as well as (carbon) interactions with the external compartments atmosphere and lithosphere. The project is based on the results of a former study about the carbon balance in Austria for the Year 1990. The developed system is a national dynamic model based on official statistical data from Austria as input values. The system dynamic model enables the user to make improved estimations and predictions for the future in comparison with the previously used method, which accounted the net release of carbon into the atmosphere, by avoiding the risks of double counting or omitting carbon sources. Furthermore we are able to analyze and understand the national carbon flux system, which supports policy makers to establish and implement policies for reducing carbon release into the atmosphere and therefore, to guarantee a
sustainable development in the future. The carbon system is divided in the five main parts Agriculture, Forestry, Energy, Production and Waste, which were separately developed by relevant Austrian experts [ACBM Team].
Two scenarios were defined to show the carbon system´s behavior in the future. A no major change scenario and a scenario in which we met special assumptions for carbon sequestration to meet environmental protection aims and simulate a socio-economic development towards sustainability in Austria.
A sensitivity analysis was performed to identify key input parameters for a more reliable prediction of the Austrian carbon system´s future.

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