O. Sidla, N. Brändle, W. Benesova, M. Rosner, Y. Lypetsky:
"Embedded Vision Challenges";
in: "Smart Cameras", herausgegeben von: Ahmed Nabil Belbachir; Springer Verlag, Vienna, 2009, ISBN: 978-1441909527, S. 111 - 132.

The concept of the smart camera exists for more than 3 decades. A tremendous evolution has been made in the
smart camera technologies and approaches both at academic level as well as at industrial level. Cameras are
getting intelligent and getting more and more attractive for a wide range of applications: in surveillance and
monitoring, in industrial applications, in robotics and in transportation. This edited book is envisaged to provide
background, fundamentals, applications and the latest trends of intelligent cameras concepts to both
professionals and students.

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