A. Millonig, G. Gartner:
"Show Me My Way...The Use of Human Spatio-temporal Behaviour Patterns for Developing Ubiquitous Wayfinding Systems";
in: "Movement‐aware Applications For Sustainable Mobility: Technologies And Approaches", IGI Global, -, 2010, ISBN: 978-1-61520-769-5, S. 157 - 174.

The growing amount of ubiquitously available location based information offers great chances for the development of mobile pedestrian navigation services. Yet, providing spot-on real-time adequate information remains challenging, as relevant information needs to be filtered and group-related behaviour patterns and preferences are still insufficiently known. In this chapter, we focus on two aspects. Firstly, we consider the issue of how to comprehensively investigate human spatio-temporal behaviour patterns in order to enable the provision of customised navigation information, and secondly, we discuss potential impacts of ubiquitous wayfinding systems on human perception of space and possible resulting navigation behaviour modifications.

Ubiquitous information, navigation services, spatio-temporal behaviour, location-based services, pedestrian typology

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