D. Bauer, M. Ray, S. Seer:
"Simple Sensors Used for Measuring Service Times and Counting Pedestrians: Strengths and Weaknesses";
Transportation Research Record, 2214 (2011), 978-0-309-16728-4; S. 77 - 84.

This paper discusses the usage of comparatively inexpensive sensors constituted by light barriers and switching mats in order to continuously measure service times at security and border checkpoints in an airport setting. The service times in combination with the number of service checkpoints run in parallel determine the passenger throughput. Checkpoints are a major bottleneck at airports and hence determine the capacity of the whole airport system. The results show that at the considered locations after initial calibration both light barriers and switching mats are able to provide continuous information of acceptable accuracy on the distribution of service times. Additionally the technology can be used to comparatively inexpensively measure the flow of passengers with reasonable accuracy. As such they provide valuable input to the airport operations management.

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