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M. Brychta:
"Analysis Of The Potential Of Solar Cooling Technologies In The Tropical Climate Of Singapore";
Poster: Gleisdorf Solar 2012, Gleisdorf; 12.09.2012 - 14.09.2012; in: "Proceedings Gleisdorf Solar 2012", Gleisdorf (2012), S. 559 - 567.

Singapore is located in the tropical climate
zone, where ambient conditions show high
humidity and temperature values throughout
the year. The Singapore code of practice for
buildings Air Conditioning and Mechanical
Ventilation (ACMV) systems suggests a
maximum indoor air operative temperature of
24-26 C and a relative humidity of 60 %.
This limits the acceptable humidity ratio in
the interior spaces to approx. 9 g/kg. The
humidity ratio of the ambient air is above 15
g/kg at high temperatures most of the year,
which leads to an enormous latent as well as
sensible cooling demand. Following that, the
decoupling of dehumidification and sensible
cooling is the first important step towards an
energy efficient building.
A comparison of the energy performance of
desiccant cooling systems driven by solar
heat to high efficiency compression chiller
systems is shown within this work.

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