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S. Gosztonyi, M. Rennhofer, C. Zauner, B. Windholz:
"Architectural benefits of virtual and experimental assessments of active components in multifunctional facades";
in: "Advanced Building Skins, Conference Proceedings of the 8th ENERGY FORUM", herausgegeben von: EF Econimic Forum Munich - Bolzano; Advanced Building Skins Conference, Energy Forum, Bressanone, 2013, ISBN: 978-3-9812053-6-7, S. 29 - 33.

Within the research project MPPF "Multifunctional Plug & Play Façade", which is understood as a platform for developing an active façade system for energy efficient buildings, innovative photovoltaic, solar thermal modules or panels and HVAC units were assembled to a prototype façade system. All active components of the façade have been assessed on real and virtual level to examine their efficiency and their impact not just as individual technologies, but also as interacting architectural building elements. The goal is to create modular and flexible solutions for prefabricated solar thermal (ST) and photovoltaic (PV) modules that can be integrated and combined according to architectural design targets. The characteristics of each technology were monitored throughout the five-year project, and architectural aspects have been examined to show the benefit of quantitative performance assessments for the development of multifunctional façade components.

multifunctional facade components, building-integrated facade systems, energy efficient building, monitoring, performance assessment

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