Vorträge und Posterpräsentationen (mit Tagungsband-Eintrag):

R. Schönauer, G. Richter, M. Straub:
"Cyclist's Waiting: Identifying Road Signal Patterns";
Vortrag: Understanding urban cycling: A data challenge (CDC2013), Leuven; 14.05.2013; in: "Understanding urban cycling: A data challenge (CDC2013) - Proceedings of abstracts", - (2013).

Global smartphone penetration of around 30% and an increasing use of navigation show the potential of cyclists using digital navigation even to reach familiar destinations. Advanced routing and cycling assistants require profound knowledge about expected waiting times at traffic signals. GPS tracks of cyclists can be used to obtain information about waiting times at intersections. This paper presents methods of analysing waiting times at signalized road junctions in urban areas.
An algorithm to identify signal periodicity and green light patterns for origin-destination relationships at intersections is introduced. Signal control cycle times are identified. Based on the resulting signal cycles, waiting times and speed gradients are analysed. Offset times and green-light duration are estimated. Within the provided CDC2013 dataset two frequently traversed signalized intersections in Newcastle are selected. Results for these junctions are shown and possibilities as well as constraints of further applications are discussed.

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