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A. Preisler, M. Brychta:
"Results of system configurations to optimize solar-driven desiccant evaporative cooling systems in full year operation";
in: "Energy Procedia", Elseviert Ltd., Deutschland, 2014, Paper-Nr. 48, 11 S.

The already shown high potential of desiccant evaporative cooling (DEC) systems in full year operation by using the sorption
rotor for temperature and humidity recovery is here further analyzed to investigate the potential of certain system configurations.
First, the disadvantages of activating the supply air humidifier in full cooling operation regarding the indoor comfort and the
reduction of evaporative cooling potential in the overall process are discussed. Secondly, different control strategies for solar
thermal systems with triple use (cooling, heating support, domestic hot water preparation) for different applications and climates
were analyzed. These scenarios were compared with reference systems using conventional air-conditioning technologies to
evaluate the primary energy savings of each case.

Desiccant Evaporative Cooling; System Configuration; SolarCombi+ Systems

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