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M. Stubenschrott, C. Kogler, T. Matyus, S. Seer:
"A dynamic pedestrian route choice model validated in a high density subway station";
in: "The Conference on Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2014 (PED 2014)", W. Daamen, D. Duives, S. Hoogendorn (Hrg.); Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2014, S. 376 - 384.

Route choice models for pedestrians need to deal with the complexity of dynamic scenarios. Rather than producing a fixed path
once a pedestrian is created, the path choice of each pedestrian must be continuously updated with local information. We present
a dynamic pedestrian route choice model based on continuous observations of perceived time estimations. In addition we
validated our model with real world passenger flow data from a subway station next to Vienna´s largest football Stadium.

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