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J. Peters-Anders, W. Loibl, J. Züger, Z. Khan, D. Ludlow:
"Exploring population distribution and motion dynamics through mobile phone device data in selected cities - lessons learned from the UrbanAPI project";
in: "PLAN IT SMART CLEVER SOLUTIONS FOR SMART CITIES; 19. internationale Konferenz zu Stadtplanung und Regionalentwicklung in der Informationsgesellschaft GeoMultimedia 2014", herausgegeben von: CORP-Kompetenzzentrum für Stadtplanung und Regionalentwicklung; Eigenverlag des Vereins CORP, Lechergasse 4, 2320 Schwechat, AT, 2014, ISBN: 978-3-9503110-7-5, Paper-Nr. 872-876, 5 S.

The paper discusses experiences of development and implementation of public motion explorer (PME) tool
as part of the EU FP7 project urbanAPI. This tool has been applied to three EU cities with the objective to
investigate population distribution dynamics and anonymous population movement patterns within urban
environments as an instrument to map shapes of urban attractiveness and accessibility and as a support for
transportation and infrastructure planning. The paper describes technical details of the Motion Explorer
application by demonstrating the different applications for the City of Vienna, Bologna and Vitoria-Gasteiz
and it discusses the results of the first round of the user evaluation using the Criteria Indicators and Metrics
methodology. The initial results indicate that the application is intuitive and highly useful for city planning
and provides the evidence-based information, which is either expensive or difficult to collect using other

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