W. Loibl, B. Bach, G. Zucker, G. Agugiaro, P. Palensky, R.-R. Schmidt, D. Basciotti, H. Brunner:
"ICT-based Solutions supporting Energy Systems for Smart Cities";
in: "Handbook of Research on Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability in the Development of Smart Cities", A. Vesco, F. Ferrero (Hrg.); Information Science Publishing, Hershey, P.A., 2015, ISBN: 9781466682825, S. 136 - 164.

This chapter describes ICT solutions for planning, maintaining and assessing urban energy systems.
There is no single urban energy system, but - like the city itself - a system of sub-systems with
different scales, spatially ranging from buildings to blocks, districts and to the city, temporally
ranging from real time data to hourly, daily, monthly and finally annual totals. ICT support must
consider these different sub-systems which makes necessary dividing the chapter into different
sections. The chapter starts with framework conditions and general requirements for ICT solutions,
and continues discussing urban development simulating models. Then decision support tools are
described for energy supply and demand as well as for energy efficiency improvement assessment.
Later further instruments for Smart Grid-, district heating- and cooling-planning, as well as demand
side management are addressed. In the final section tools are discussed for building automation
systems as smallest physical entity within the urban energy system.

Building automation, Demand side management, Decision support tool, District heating and cooling, Energy policy assessment, Energy supply management, Smart Grid

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