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R. Cavaliere, P. Ohnewein, P. Valleri, R. Kloibhofer, W. Ponweiser, G. Antonacci, B. Franchinirunella, I. Moroder:
"Air pollution peaks detection and traffic policies assessment: the INTEGREEN project";
Vortrag: ITS World Congress 2015, Bordeaux; 05.10.2015 - 09.10.2015; in: "Proceedings 22nd ITS World Congress", (2015).

This paper presents the main results of the LIFE+ "INTEGREEN" project, in which an advanced concept of "environmental traffic management" has been demonstrated in the Italian city of Bolzano. Traffic and air pollution conditions are monitored on a real-time basis by means of static and mobile probes, and are capable to quickly detect the presence of traffic jams or air pollution peaks. Mobility responsibles can now better manage such negative events, and quantitatively assess which environmental effect can be obtained in which scenario through simple dynamic traffic policies. The main contribution of the project is to be found however in its ability to have created the social and technological preconditions for starting a new mobility phase in the city. Advanced and more effective policies based on C-ITS such as dynamic low-emission zones can now be analysed and eventually deployed.

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