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N. Pardo-Garcia, F. Nadler, C. Marguerite, B Kelly:
"CITYOPT - Holistic Simulation and Optimisation of Energy in Smart Cities - Vienna Study Case";
in: "ICER 2015 - International Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy", ISJ, Jounal Environmental Science, Vol. 4, 2015, ISBN: 978-1514169551, S. 14 - 20.

68% of the European Union population lives in urban areas, this proportion is growing as the urbanization trend continues, this presents us with an opportunity to reduce individual carbon footprint providing the city is designed in an efficient way. This energy demand currently represents 70% of the total. This highlights the importance of the development of more sustainable urban areas which are more energy and resource efficient, the use renewable energy sources, reduction of the carbon footprint, infrastructure development, engagement of the stakeholders and users, removing administrative and regulatory barriers and new business models.

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