A. Bres, K. Eder, S. Hauer, F. Judex:
"Case Study Of Energy Performance Analyses On Different Scales";
Energy Procedia, Vol 68 (2015), S. 1847 - 1852.

Bridging the gap between sustainable buildings and a sustainable city requires well-suited approaches. Dynamic building thermal
simulation may be used for scenario analyses of different measures helping the city becoming a sustainable city. Automation, by
reducing the expense and tackling the complexity associated with the building modeling, can serve this purpose. This paper
presents a prototypical building model generation tool chain which automatically generates building models for thermal
simulation on different scales, and considers the shading effects of neighboring buildings. To outline the benefits of this
methodology, a case study has been performed on a small district.

Building Energy Modeling; Automated Model Generation; Scenario Analyses On Different Scales; Multi-Scale Energy Assessment;

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