F. Ricciato, Peter Widhalm, F. Pantisano, M. Craglia:
"Beyond the "single-operator, CDR-only" paradigm: An interoperable framework for mobile phone network data analyses and population density estimation";
Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 35 (2017), S. 65 - 82.

We address the problem of estimating the population density from mobile phone data. After critically examining the relevant network-based data sources (CDR, VLR and passive monitoring systems) a novel methodology is presented with two key novelties. First, it enables
the fusion of cell-level and Location Area-level data from heterogeneous data sources.
Second, it considers a novel tessellation scheme based on cell coverage maps, instead of cell tower locations. Furthermore, it allows to integrate data from different network operators
onto a common reference grid. Within the proposed framework, a Maximum-Likelihood formulation for the population density estimation problem is developed and tested via simulations,showing a significant gain over existing Voronoi-based schemes.

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