J. Österreicher, N. Papenberg, M. Kumar, M. Duancheng, S. Schwarz, C. Schlögl:
"Quantitative prediction of the mechanical properties of precipitation hardened alloys with a special application to Al-Mg-Si";
Materials Science and Engineering A, 703 (2017), S. 380 - 385.

Proper design of the heat treatments of metallic materials is crucial for creating a suitable microstructure resulting
in the desired properties. In this paper, we present a multi-component simulation procedure for the
quantitative prediction of yield strength, fracture strain, and fracture toughness of precipitation-hardened alloys,
with special emphasis on Al-Mg-Si alloys. The procedure combines thermokinetic and micromechanical models,
taking the microstructural information in terms of different populations of various second-phase particles into
account. The predictions are compared to the results of experiments performed on AA6082 samples subjected to
different artificial aging times, and good quantitative agreement is demonstrated.

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