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M. Allulli, T. Baycan, K. van Dijken, P. Erian, M. Evliati, K. Schylberg, P. Wagner, D. Wilhelmer (Hrg.):
"SEiSMiC: Enabling social innovation in European cities";
Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC), Budapest, 2016, ISBN: 978-3-200-04663-4; 106 S.

This book details the systematic work and
manifold outcomes of a remarkable project
on urban social innovation that was supported
with EU funding and designed in
line with the principles of responsible research
and innovation (RRI).
By fostering multi-level dialogue, mutual
learning processes and wide-ranging participation,
SEiSMiC was able to build national
and transnational bridges between citizens,
scientists, policy makers and urban innovators
in 10 European countries. By setting up
10 national networks, it effectively brought
local needs and experiences into wider debates
on urban policy and related research.
SEiSMiC delivered an in-depth analysis of
urban dynamics and a creative and courageous
praxis within the European innovation
ecosystem. It underpinned multi-actor participation
processes with extensive interdisciplinary
and trans-disciplinary expertise and
embraced a plurality of social perspectives
in a constructive experimentation with novel
ideas and methodologies, while always
keeping a focus on the drive to innovate.
During its three years of implementation,
the project served as a living and lively laboratory
for urban, social and open innovation.
It accomplished pioneering work on
urban-related societal challenges and
demonstrated its relevance for EU research
and innovation, regional and urban
policy and other European Commission
policies related to environment, energy,
mobility and transport, internal markets, industry,
entrepreneurship and SMEs, education
and culture, communication networks
and technology.
SEiSMiC is intrinsically linked to the Joint
Partnership Initiative (JPI) "Urban Europe" and
has made a significant contribution to the
formation of the Urban Europe Forum and
the development of the JPI´s Scientific Research
and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). These
achievements place SEiSMiC at the centre
of the numerous EU efforts to achieve sustainable
and liveable urban futures.

social innovation, city planning, community,

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