Vorträge und Posterpräsentationen (mit Tagungsband-Eintrag):

P. Fröhlich, A. Millonig, L. Diamond, M. Gruber, Ch. Zinner, W. Ponweiser, K. Schwieger, S. Seer, M. Tscheligi:
"Reading the Mind of a Bus: Challenges for Transparent Interaction with Automated Vehicles";
Vortrag: MobileHCI 2017 - 19th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services. Time to move on, up, in and out!, Wien; 04.09.2017 - 07.09.2017; in: "Mobile HCI 2017 Workshop: Mobile Interaction With and In Autonomous Vehicles", (2017), 4 Seiten.

Communicating the situation awareness of an automated vehicle to traffic participants is important to maintain trust and efficiency of traffic and transport. In this workshop position paper, we present major challenges and open gaps in this area and illustrate these with the example of an urban automated bus line currently under development.

Automated driving, autonomous driving, automated vehicles, trust, acceptance, interaction design

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