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J. Miao, R. König, K. Knecht:
"City Afforestation : Abstracting the Urban Geometries into Tree Structures for Urban Fabric Optimization City Afforestation : Abstracting the Urban Geometries into Tree";
in: "CUPUM: 15th International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management", xx, Adelaide, Australien, 2017.

Traditional urban design methods, still relying on the static and sectoral approaches, reach their limits to adapt
themselves to the growing complexities and dynamics of modern cities. With the flourishing of artificial
intelligence, a new approach called "cognitive design computing" has been proposed to utilize both the human
creativity and computing power for the development of next generation urban design supporting tools, where
Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization (EMO) is employed for urban synthesis. However, a unified data
structure is missing for the genotype representation of different urban features, such as streets, blocks, plots and
buildings, so that they can be optimized together. This paper aims to address this problem and is focused on i)
the introduction and description of the genotype data structure, and ii) the application of the prototype of the
proposed design tool in practice.

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