C. Lindkvist, E. Juhasz-Nagy, B. Fladvad Nielsen, H. Neumann, G. Lobaccaro, A. Wyckmans:
"Intermediaries for knowledge transfer in integrated energy planning of urban districts";
Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Vol. 142 (2018), S. 354 - 363.

The purpose of this work is to examine the role of intermediaries for knowledge transfer at different points in time. The planning of an integrated planning energy
project is complex and involves diverse stakeholders with knowledge bases on different systems impacting energy planning. When to access the knowledge basis of
these diverse stakeholders and how to sustain it overtime is not always clear. We propose intermediaries as both a process but also in the shape of actors to mediate
knowledge transfer across different stakeholders to facilitate informed decision-making. We examine this within cases of three sustainable projects across Europe in
different stages - early planning, later planning and implementation. Our findings indicate that intermediary processes and actors are key for knowledge transfer in
integrated energy planning. In the early stage of integrated planning, practices need to become more aware of the role of intermediaries in resolving issues. Data and
results from tools initiates a discursive intermediary process for knowledge transfer across different stakeholders. Intermediary is ongoing in the implementation
stage but is more actor oriented and reactive to problems than in the planning stages.

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