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A. Graser, M. Dragaschnig, Peter Widhalm, H. Koller, N. Brändle:
"Exploratory Trajectory Analysis for Massive Historical AIS Datasets";
Vortrag: 21st IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM), Versailles; 30.06.2020; in: "Proceedings 21st IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management (MDM)", (2020), S. 252 - 257.

Data exploration is an essential task for gaining an
understanding of the potential and limitations of novel datasets.
This paper discusses the challenges related to exploring large
Automatic Identification System (AIS) datasets. We address these
challenges using trajectory-based analysis approaches implemented
in distributed computing environments using Spark and
GeoMesa. This approach enables the exploration of datasets
that are too big to handle within conventional spatial database
systems. We demonstrate our approach using a case study of 4
billion AIS records.

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