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L. Kabosová, A. Chronis, T. Galanos, D. Katunský:
"Leveraging urban configurations for achieving wind comfort in cities";
in: "XXV International Conference of the Ibero-American Society of Digital Graphics, SIGraDi 2021", Ibero-American Society of Digital Graphics, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2021, S. 79 - 90.

Given the continuous improvements in digital design and analysis tools, designing in line with the environmental conditions can be much more seamlessly integrated into the conceptual design stage. That leads to faster, informed design decisions and, if incorporated into day-to-day practice, to a sustainable built environment. The presented design method, focusing on enhancing the outdoor wind comfort through architecture, leverages wind analysis tools, such as newly-developed InFraRed, verified by other Grasshopper plug-ins, in the urban design process. As shown in the case study, iterating through various design options and evaluating their impact on the wind flow is faster yet precise, leading towards picking the best-performing design alternative in terms of outdoor wind comfort.

Real-time wind predictions, Wind comfort, Parametric design, CFD analysis, Machine learning, InFraRed

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