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J. Unterkofler, G. Glanz, M. Koller, R. Klambauer, A. Bergmann:
"Strain Compensation Methods for Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensors Suitable for Integration into Lithium-Ion Battery Electrolyte";
Batteries, 9 (2023), 1; 21 - 34.

Temperature is a crucial factor for the safe operation of lithium-ion batteries. During operation, the internal temperature rises above the external temperature due to poor inner thermal conductivity. Various sensors have been proposed to detect the internal temperature, including fiber Bragg grating sensors. However, to the authors’ knowledge, there is no detailed description of the encapsulation of the fiber Bragg grating sensor in the literature to shield it from strain. In this study, different encapsulation methods for strain compensation were compared to find the encapsulation material most compatible with the electrolyte. For this, we stored the proposed sensors with different encapsulation methods in ethylene carbonate:ethyl methyl carbonate (EC:EMC) 3:7 with LiPF6 (lithium hexafluorophosphate) electrolyte and applied temperature changes. After evaluating the sensor encapsulation methods in terms of handling, diameter, uncertainty, usability, and hysteresis behavior, the most suitable sensor encapsulation was found to be a fused silica capillary with polyimide coating.

lithium-ion battery; electrolyte; fiber optic sensor; internal temperature; fiber Bragg grating; sensor encapsulation

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